National Youth Theatre 2016 season at Finborough Theatre

"In a great opening touch, Will Alder’s superb sound design bombards us with a cacophony of media sound-bites, from Donald Trump to Alesha Dixon: a brilliant, economical evocation of the incessant, confusing discourses that girls like Cleo and Funke daily negotiate."

The Reviews Hub, August 2016

"A third character in the piece is the soundtrack from Will Alder, with arriving texts and the sound of responses portraying for the audience the reactions of others online to the posts from the two protagonists, with the voice of the mother and the online response turning both characters back to the young girls that some would see them as."

Sardines Magazine, August 2016


The Wild Party

Mingled Yarn at The Hope Theatre, 2017

"Will Alder's lighting charts the party's shifting mood, slipping casually between louche lilac and purple washes, before abruptly terminating in stark, suitably noirish, chiaroscuro"

The Stage, January 2017

"Will Alder's lighting masterfully frames the show, making for some striking visuals: from the bright lights and giddy excitement at the start of the party, by the end we are in near pitch black, the characters literally shadows of their earlier selves"

Broadway World, January 2017

"Will Alder's lighting intensifies the dark jealousy that lies at the heart of the story and the overall effect is a highly charismatic mix of gin, sex, violence and pop - what more could you want from a party?"

There Ought To Be Clowns, January 2017


Photo: Alex Fine 2017

Hotel Europe

Loose Tongue at Green Rooms, 2017

"Will Alder's sound design is hugely intelligent, with the direction of sound creating as much tension as the playwright Benedict Hudson's words themselves"

Views From The Gods, February 2017

"In a rustling, intimidating blackness, powerful speajers recount the gripping but starkly beautiful story of a Welsh couple haunted by the seething darkness lurking down the local coal mine. It's a hair-raisingly intense fifteen-minute drama, all the more powerful for its refreshing obliqueness"

The Stage, February 2017


In Other Words

Off The Middle at The Hope Theatre, 2017

"Will Alder's bold lighting stealthily fills the space with muggy, midnight blue shadows, with rare moments of clarity starkly defined by a bright, warm glow"

The Stage, March 2017

"This play is brought together by bold lighting choices from Will Alder; cleverly conveying the transition of time and helping us navigate between the couple commentating on their life and the flashbacks to memory sequences"

The Glass Magazine, March 2017


Photo: Alex Fine 2017


Four Thieves' Vinegar

The 42nd Theatre Company at Barons Court Theatre, 2017

"The most striking element of this production is its design. Sally Hardcastle and Will Alder deserve the highest of praise for their work on this production, as they have elevated it to something worthy of the West End. The lighting, props, costume and set are simply flawless, creating a perfect, captivating world in which the actors can play. From tiny details of amber window effects, to the dirt underneath the actors' fingernails, it's all done with an attention to detail that is staggering."

The Blog of Theatre Things, March 2017

"[The] set design uses the space at the Baron's Court Theatre effectively and is excellently lit by Will Alder, creating a terrific atmosphere."

Pub Theatres 1, March 2017

Photo: Cinzia D'Ambrosi 2017

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