"In a great opening touch, Will Alder’s superb sound design bombards us with a cacophony of media sound-bites, from Donald Trump to Alesha Dixon: a brilliant, economical evocation of the incessant, confusing discourses that girls like Cleo and Funke daily negotiate."

Review of 'Bitches' by Alex Ramon, The Reviews Hub, August 2016

"Will Alder's sound design is hugely intelligent, with the direction of sound creating as much tension as the playwright Benedict Hudson's words themselves"

Review of 'Hotel Europe' by Views From the Gods, February 2017


'Hotel Europe' Loose Tongue at Green Rooms Hotel, February 2017

Will designed five audio pieces written especially for Hotel Europe, devised by Isley Lynn & Philipp Ehmann. This was a meditation on borders impassable, invisible, broken and rebuilt. Each audience member would enter a room alone, and an audio piece would start, be that through an old radio sitting in a corner, two tape recorders on a bench, a pair of headphones or a full 5 speaker surround sound set up. The experience is now available online as a VR experience, which will work on most devices.

'Bitches' National Youth Theatre at Finborough Theatre, August 2016

Bola Agbaje's show 'Bitches' was the middle week of National Youth Theatre's season of shows at Finborough Theatre this summer. Will created the Sound Design for the show, which included a soundscape of historical and current clips that the two characters would have come across in their daily lives, alongside composition of various underscores and punctuations of moments. Below is the introductory soundscape to the show:


Story of Our Youth, National Youth Theatre of Great Britain's 60th Gala

(Shaftesbury Theatre, London's West End) 18th September 2016

For this Will created a soundcape to form a 60 second countdown at the beginning of the show. This was a huge amalgamation of hundreds of testimonies from alumni and current members, news clips and extracts from documentaries about the world's first Youth Theatre. Will worked closely with Chief Exec and Artistic Director Paul Roseby and Assistant Director Anna Piper to create this soundscape. Have a listen below:

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