Main photo: Four Thieves' Vinegar by The 42nd Theatre Company at Baron's Court Theatre 2017, © Cinzia D'ambrosi

'Bobblehat: London's First Live Advent Calendar' (Artistic Director)

Each festive day, a different door will open unveiling a unique experience. Scattered across bustling Wimbledon, audiences will be invited a whole new world. More here...

"Will Alder's lighting charts the party's shifting mood, slipping casually between louche lilac and purple washes, before abruptly terminating in stark, suitabily noirish, chiaroscuro" Review of The Wild Party by Dave Fargnoli, The Stage, 2017

"In a great opening touch, Will Alder's superb sound design bombards us with a cacophony of media sound-bites, from Donald Trump to Alesha Dixon: a brilliant, economical evocation of the incessant, confusing discourses that girls like Cleo & Funke daily negotiate"

Review of Bitches by Alex Ramon, The Reviews Hub, 2016

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