'Hotel Europe' - Loose Tongue (Sound Designer)

Green Rooms, 20th - 26th February 2017

"Will Alder's sound design is hugely intelligent, with the direction of sound creating as much tension as the playwright Benedict Hudson's words themselves"

 Views From The Gods, February 2017

An historical hotel for fans of the familiar and the far-flung. Hotel Europe offers a home from home and makes friends out of strangers.

Loose Tongue in association with Green Rooms Hotel and the Old Red Lion Theatre present HOTEL EUROPE - a meditation on borders impassable, invisible, broken, and rebuilt.

Created by Isley Lynn (A Skin Cat, Little Stitches) and Philipp Ehmann (Sie Und Wir, Rozznjord) with emerging award winning writers Tom Black, Ben Hudson, Rafaella Marcus, Gael Le Cornec and Milly Thomas, and sound design by Will Alder, HOTEL EUROPE is hosted by the Green Rooms Hotel in Wood Green.

When you arrive at Hotel Europe, where you're from doesn't matter. But your key could take you anywhere. Explore a building where behind every door is a new story, a new place, a new perspective. Part interactive theatre, part audio installation, these five aural snapshots give the listener privileged access to secret histories, treasured, passed down, forgotten, or threatened.

Step inside the skin of a stranger, and explore their world...

For this production, Will was Sound Designer for all five rooms, and presenting each piece in new and innovative ways through sound. Each room had a different aural approach to presenting the five plays.

The show has now been released as a website with 360 degree photos of each of the rooms. Click here for more details.


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