'The Wild Party' Mingled Yarn Theatre - (Technical Designer)

The Hope Theatre, 10th - 28th January 2017

"Will Alder's lighting charts the party's shifting mood, slipping casually between louche lilac and purple washes, before abruptly terminating in stark, suitabily noirish, chiaroscuro" Dave Fargnoli, The Stage, 2017

"Will Alder's lighting masterfully frames the show, making for some striking visuals: from the bright lights and giddy excitement at the start of the party, by the end we are in near pitch black, the characters literally shadows of their earlier selves" Rona Kelly, BWW, 2017

Grimy Jazz Age masterpiece The Wild Party is the lust-fuelled story of an affair between two cabaret stars, and the final, fatal party they throw in their seedy Hollywood apartment.

Queenie dances twice a night in vaudeville, and Burrs is the clown who goes on after her act. In the apartment they share Queenie toys dangerously with Burrs' affections, but when they throw a party they drag everyone into their ugly games. Brothers Phil and Oscar play the piano while Jack eyes them both from the corner, and Queenie's best pal Kat arrives late with a handsome new man on her arm.

Bought to life by just two actors, the syncopated rhythms and rhymes in Joseph Moncure March's classic poem weave in and out of live music, songs and dancing in this new production that's served soused in gin, jazz and sex.

"Periodically, they slip into amusing, jazzed up covers of modern pop, taking in everything from Britney Spears to the White Stripes. A breathy, bluesy version of Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name is unquestioningly superior to the original" Dave Fargnoli, The Stage, 2017

For this production, Will was both Lighting and Sound Designer, having a heavy input into the music of the show as well. He was thrilled to be working with the brilliant Rafaella Marcus and Dave Ralf.


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